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Panda Park

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Panda Park is a fast-paced two-player game with fresh and unique gameplay ideas: A set of different rules and goals that can be changed by the players to their own advantage while the game is actually running. The main characters of Panda Park are a little girl and her cuddly toy Panda, which is brought alive in her imagination.

I’m not sure how much call there is for games that two players can play on one keyboard, but to the extent that there is, those calling for them will be happy with Panda Park, in which a little girl and a panda compete to finish a goal while playing mean little tricks on each other. Wired
How to play
  • 2 players play at the same keyboard
  • Player one selects goal
  • Player two selects rule
  • First player to collect 10 rainbows wins
  • Collect power-ups to change goals and rules

Andreas Zecher Game Design, Development
Elisabeth Moch Character Design
Martin Eichhorn Sound Design