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The Black Forest

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The Black Forest is a series of tiny, experimental games that were released in December 2009, one episode per week. All episodes feature a little ghost as the main character, but have completely different game mechanics. The player takes on the ghost’€™s role who finds himself in unfamiliar, alien environments. There is no tutorial – only five small icons that indicate what keys and buttons the player can use to interact with the game world. Like sketches, every episode deliberately does not aim to be a “complete”€ game, but is rather an effort to create emotional experiences that are more personal and different from the ones traditional game design has to offer.

The game is effective because it manages to, in a couple of deft and simple strokes, give you a pretty powerful emotional experience.Jay is Games
How to play
  • Figure out what to do
  • The icons in the top left corner indicate what keys and buttons you can use to interact with the game world

Andreas Zecher Game Design, Development
Martin Straka Sound Design
Marek Plichta Art

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